Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Annual Report Homework Assignment

The finishing project for one of my graphic design classes (it was only half a semester long) was to create an annual report on a fictitious company.  That's all well in good except for one small problem - I hate annual reports.  It reminds me too much of my accounting classes I took in the late 70's that I hated.  Just because you might be good at math doesn't mean you should let your parents tell you to be an accountant.  But that's what I did back then - do what the parents told me to.  After 4 semesters of plowing through accounting (liked the bookkeeping end of it), I quit.  And if you could see the state of my bank account, you might say I am still rebelling. 

My fake company was taking my own digital art and creating a company from it, "Mainly Mandalas" and here is my annual report.

As you can see, I plan to expand into other areas this year!

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