Saturday, October 25, 2014

Homework - Extraction and Textures

This week has been a lot of much so that I am neglecting some of my other homework to 'play' with the tutorials in this week's class.  Our homework assignment was to extract a figure, waist up picture, and put it on a textured background.  We were given a couple of pictures of some cute guys, but I went instead with my own pictures.  Except I didn't actually take this picture of Savvy.  The year of this Ren Faire it was rainy and I was in the tech crew.  I made sure there was plenty of straw in from on the vendor who was selling portraits so people could get into their tent.  They were so thankful, they made a set of pictures of Savvy in garb for me.

My thought, which I actually had late at night before I fell asleep, was an old portrait.  One that needed cleaning.  This is what I submitted for the assignment as it didn't say to alter the picture of the person any.

Then I had the idea if this was to be an old picture, then why not actually make her look like she was painted and not a photograph.

There is a bit of a difference.  I think I like the second version better as far as the overall effect goes.

In the meantime, I will end my evening of 'photoshop play' by sampling some new tea I ordered from Teavana.  I'm having Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle and Savvy is having Chocolate Chai.  Great way to end a hectic day.

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