Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas Shopping Hairdos

Last week Savvy and I went to do her Christmas shopping.  It turned out to be more of a day of beauty than Christmas shopping.  Savvy had her 'do' in mind for several months and her work gave her the go-ahead for her style.  It's a bit hard to see, but shaved on the sides and back and long on top.  Her head feels so soft when I pet it.  I do have to say that the two stylists at Cost Cutters here in Helena did a bang-up job on our heads.  I like them much, much better than Great Clips.  I didn't feel like they were cutting our hair by formula.

I got mine cut while there since I looked like the bear coming out of hibernation.    It's one thing to know I will not have to face the 'old lady pink head' as I get older.  But sometimes it being so thick makes me look like a bit overgrown.  So the back and sides are short (but not as short as Savvy's) and the top longer.  I do have to say I have gotten a few compliments on the 'do', so it must be a definite improvement.

Another thing we did (beyond spending way too much money) was to get makeup.  I haven't worn makeup in ages!  But we went to Ulta and the nice girls there kindly helped this old lady pick out something that wouldn't take ages to apply and that didn't look made up.  I do have to say that a little bit of makeup isn't bad.  (But we didn't have our makeup on in this picture.)

So I am starting the new year with a new hairdo and makeup.  Let's see what other changes are inspired by 2015.  

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