Sunday, December 07, 2014

Spotted Photo Challenge for December

As I am typing this post for release next week, there is about 6-8 inches on snow on the ground here in Helena.  Definitely getting that Christmas look outside.  Inside - not so much.

First, we are extremely limited on space.  And there is a set of little hands, aided by a set of furry paws, which would wreck havoc on any decorations we put up.  But I will probably get some lights for the windows next week and at least make a token effort at Christmas decorating.  Maybe some stockings 'hung by the entertainment center with care'.

Anyway, the theme for this month's iHanna Spotted Photo challenge is Christmas.  And funny, but I don't really have that many Christmas pictures.  

A pile of Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree from work several years ago

My Grinch quilt - still needs the back!

Book Wreath - huge 

Christmas Village from work several years ago

Christmas morning, 2011
But this year is special.  Both the girls are here and working and healthy and happy.  Little Lady K is almost 2 and smart and healthy.  We have a new member to the family who puts up with all our craziness.  And cleans!

Have a Happy Holiday season to everyone out there......

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