Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hardest Post

This has to be the hardest post I have ever written.  Not because of subject matter, but because I slipped on the ice on Monday afternoon.  The fall resulted in breaking my wrist.  My right wrist.  And you guessed it, I'm right handed.

What is funny and ironic is that I was following someone across the street who was wearing heels.  I was in tennis shoes with tread on them.  Teach me to care about other people.  But so far I think it's kind of funny.  Until in a phone conversation with the orthopedic nurse which I was referred to by the Urgent Care Clinic advised me my appointment on Wednesday was to discuss my surgery next week!

Wait!  What!  Surgery!

So for Christmas I'm getting an operation.  And not the game.  

Everyone at work couldn't be more concerned (it occurred in the street outside work) and the offers of help are just fantastic.  The girls are being great.  But the kid in me which is thinking "Wow! I have a cast (temp one at this point) is quickly being replaced by reality.  This sucks!

I had all kinds of writing plans over the holidays.  Not this trying to be comfortable and elevate and ice.  In fact, my elevation and icing plans included a couple of drinks out.

But it does give me pause to stop and think there are people who go about their day-to-day lives with only one arm.  They have my immense admiration.

And Savvy pointed out as I was struggling to get out my daily dose of vitamins that thank goodness I have been taking calcium supplements or my intimate encounter with the pavement could have been worse.

So finals for the semester will be interesting.  So will my participation in the Documented Life 2015 project, the Flow journal 30 day class and the start of the writing group next week.

Anyway, be careful what you wish for.  My desire to have a cast came about 5 decades late!

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