Monday, December 22, 2014

That Perfect Moment

Yep, that is how I am feeling part of the time with my broken wrist.  I am taking it all very personally.  You see I had this whole agenda for things I wanted to do between the time school was over for the semester and it started up again.  And they all, for the most part, regarded 'hands-on' experience.  I only have 'hand-on' right now.

I had my word for 2015 to come up with.  I had several projects/goals I wanted to outline steps on.  Getting my 2015 planner all set up.  An artist date or two.  Blog postings. Book reviews. Goals foe next year. Year end recap and review. A writing group to start and design a logo for.  And then THE WRIST.  My fall without grace.  Although I have been told I did not scream profanities in the street when it happened, that I was pretty calm.  But I have had my moments over the past couple of weeks.  Apparently, failure to locate where the grocery store is hiding the cans of Manwich sauce is reason for a near breakdown in the aisles.

Then it hit me.  

I was waiting for that 'perfect moment' to move forward with my plans.  Which is a problem I have faced throughout my life...waiting for that perfect moment to happen to move forward.  Perfect moments just don't occur that often.  That's why, when they do occur, we cherish them.  

But you can't accomplish things you want to accomplish waiting for 'perfect moments'.  So....

I am typing with one hand and writing with my left hand.  Both processes are slow going and in the case of handwriting, not all that pretty.  But things are getting done.  Not in the color coded, multi-paged plans I had envisioned, but they are getting done.  I started my writing group.  And while I don't have sheets of notes for future programs and files of's started.  No perfect moment, but it's off the ground.

So maybe the start of my planner for 2015 won't have the best handwriting in it.  And maybe I will have to put up with some scribbled notes until such time as I have use of both hands again.  But I think I just might be learning to stop looking for that perfect moment.

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  1. Sometimes its good to be forced to sliw down a bit...let the inspiration simmer on low for a bit and rejuvinate. Maybe the broken wrist will be a blessing in disguise. Wish I lived there so I could be in your writing group!


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