Thursday, July 09, 2015

One Step at a Time

Yesterday was the home inspection.  Being Savvy and CJ are looking at a home that was built in 1900, we were expecting 'issues' and were holding our breath the home inspection would go well.  And it did!  The house isn't ready to fall down.  In fact, it's in pretty good shape as far as it's 'bones' are concerned.  Lots of tweaking on our part is planned, but all-in-all, good shape.

During the inspection, Savvy and I found ourselves sitting on the front porch, chatting.  I can tell it's going to become a big part of our lives when we get to move in (hoping the appraisal goes as smoothly).  I remember many, many hours spent on my grandparents front porch in Jackson, Tennessee.  

Once we dropped off some paperwork at the mortgage company, we strolled up the street to Benny's Bistro.   It's just a block off the 'main drag' and near our new house-to-be.  Also, we had some downtown merchant gift cards burning holes in our pockets and wanted to use them.  Savvy had already checked out their menu and found they had a tomato-rosemary soup and they deliver.  She's looking at them for winter food delivery!

We had the soup-and-cobbler lunch combo.  How smart is that!  A soup and dessert rather than soup and sandwich or soup and salad.  Although their salads we saw going by did look really good.  We both ordered the same thing and impressed, both with the taste and the presentation.  I didn't think about taking a picture of the soup as I was so busy scarfing it down.  The tomato-rosemary soup was thick and yummy, served with a slice of french bread and a madeleine which had a really orange-citrusy taste.

The cobbler was a mixed berry cobbler and one I probably would not have normally ordered.  I'm not a big fan of mixed berry things.  But this was good.  Not too sweet and paired with a scoop of ice cream was really good.  We will definitely be back to Benny's, especially since they feature local foods and meats.

Came home and ripped out some squares I had made on my peony quilt, because I CAN'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!  I ripped out 12 of the triangles and paired it with the correct fabric, especially since they go around the outside of the quilt.  However, the other 24 squares which and two tips in the wrong fabric I didn't change out.  It is what it is.  Being they are so close in tone to each other, I left my mistake in place.  I did get 5 rows put together before bedtime last night and think it's coming together well, despite my error.

I'm liking how it's looking and my mistake is working out well.  I love how it all blends together and the green gives it some 'pop'.  It's the shabby-chic look I was going for.  Now my next question, when I get it all together, is do I send it out to have it quilted.  I think I am going to at this point, if it doesn't cost me a million dollars to have it quilted by someone.  But tonight, after work, I'll put together the rest of the rows and then the two borders and I'm done.  Except for the backing, but I'm waiting for a good Joanne's coupon to pick up some flannel for the back.  I can see a white flannel with tiny pink/green flowers on it in my mind.

Then it's off to start working on a quilt for CJ out of the shirts I collected.

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  1. Your boundless energy continues to amaze me! Can't wait for you to be in your new home! congrats!


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