Friday, July 10, 2015

Procrastination and the Weekend

I love it when I know something is going to need to be made, but I pretend it is still months away.  Like a baby shower present. I didn't know it was going to happened at some  point.  So I am scrambling since yesterday to get a baby quilt done.

I didn't want to do my usual, whole cloth and tied baby quilt.  And as I was contemplating the fact I am a stacker and have until Sunday evening to get this done, I came across this post by Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter.

And Joann's has flannel on sale!

Yesterday, on my way to work, I stopped and picked up some flannel.  The top piece is going to be the backing for the quilt.  The front of the quilt will be bright colors and the back a bit more restful.  And the binding - white with big, hot pink polka dots. After resenting the fact I had to work (don't they know I need to be at home sewing!), I cut out my blocks and got as far as starting to sew the rows together.  After sewing two rows together the wrong way and having to rip, I decided I had done enough.

Today (hopefully, before work), I am going to sew the rows together and the border.  I discovered even though there are 12 blocks with 'color', I should have picked out at 6 rather than just 3 each of the light and dark.  Of well.  Actually, the baby quilt is just my 'test' run.   I love the look of the quilt and am thinking about 4 stars to make an adult quilt.  I have two layer cakes which are languishing in my bin with nothing to do. There are actually 3 layer cakes, one of which is Christmas, so I might have to do a Christmas quilt....ohhhhhhh.

Between sewing before and after work, I should have the top completed today.  And then it's doing the quilting (probably an echo quilting design, quick and easy) and then the binding.  Saturday is suppose to be in the 70's and a bit rainy (fingers crossed).  Then Sunday, before the shower, I might get back to work on La Passacaglia - unless I decide I need to make more big stars!

And did I mention I need to finish a book I started last night for my book group this week?

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