Monday, April 04, 2016

Mandala Monday and Monthly Goals

Overall, once I started going over my list of goals for March, I realized I had done pretty good.  Much better than I thought.
  • Prep for Camp NaNoWriMo in April - sort of
  • Hot springs visit end of the month during Texter's spring break  cancelled due to Lady K having the flu
  • Do my March Bee Hive block and get it out on time
  • Complete the Mystery Quilt
  • Complete the blocks released in March for Modern HST and RSC16 Challenge - did the RSC16, still need to catch up on the Modern HST
  • Get Handmade Swap out 
  • Work on Big Stitch Swap present - almost finished
  • Play with the serger and make a top using it - not yet
  • Get the rest of the Harley Quinn materials and work on it-have everything but grommets and it's cut out
  • Tizer Gardens and greenhouse 'work' - did once, but then illness has kept me away
  • Pick up yarn and start Knit/Swirl sweater
  • Start getting materials for yard and container gardening
  • Keep my journal(s) up-to-date in a more timely manner - nope!
  • Organize basement some
  • Attend Sleep Yoga class and put some the ideas into action for a better night's sleep

For April, am going to try and shorten my list and aim for even a higher completion rate.

  • Send of sample of novel for Miscon Critique
  • See if any rooms still left for Miscon or if we are 'commuting' again (affordably is a big factor too)
  • Start planting at my community garden spot
  • Lead a book discussion for the library at the Historical Society
  • Catch up on the RSC16 and Modern HST samplers
  • Get my April Bee Hive square out on time
  • Finish sewing on Harley Quinn cosplay 
  • Start a cosplay for myself for Miscon
  • Meet my walking goal each week
  • Work 'with' my planner
  • Writing for Camp NaNoWriMo
  • Set up family tree folders
  • Gather 'orphan' blocks into one box
  • Help out at Tizer more days
  • Celebrate CJ's birthday
Here's to a great April!

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