Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week in Review - April 17 - 23

Spring has sprung, whether Montana is really ready for it or not!

On my way to work I pass by little patches of spring color.

And the weather has been alternating between 70's for a few days and then back into the 50's and rainy.  But since we can use all the moisture we can get, I'm not going to complain....much.

Lilacs (my personal favorite) will soon be in bloom.  Wait! No! Peonies are my favorites!  And I am posed like a buzzard awaiting a meal over my friend's, CS, peonies.  When her's get up a bit more, I have been promised a peony or two to put in my yard.

Even a good Southern favorite can make it in Montana!

So besides taking pictures of spring blooms, I did manage to get the following accomplished this past week...
  • Worked at Tizer on Tuesday in the greenhouse and brought home some of the 'babies' I planted about 6 weeks ago which are huge!
  • Sewed up my RSC16 blocks for April
  • Started on "Harley" and have the top finished
  • Knitted 4 rows on my Knit and Swirl Sweater (that's about 2400 stitches)
  • Finished three books
  • Walked 48,962 steps or 70% of goal
  • Wrote 7 posts

  • Created the cards and posters for the Staff Picks display at the library  Need more books on it though.
  • Received a letter from a new pen pal in France

So for the coming week...

  • Send out my Big Stitch 2 swap gift
  • Send letter to my pen pal
  • A couple of days at Tizer Gardens for Volunteer Days to get it ready for opening
  • Make up more Staff Pick cards
  • Start on Texter's birthday present
  • Work on "Harley"
  • Lots of reading.  Have a couple of major reviews I need to get out in the next few weeks.
  • Repot seedlings into cups
  • Working on weeding my community garden spot

So now, someone (Lady K) is announcing she is hungry and wants toast!

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