Sunday, April 03, 2016

Week In Review - March 27 - April 2

It's been a real up and down week, mainly in terms of weather and illness.  The week didn't go as 'planned', but overall it worked out just fine.
  • A nice, long hike on Sunday
  • Lady K with "influenza A"
  • Texter on spring break
  • Monitoring cats for a friend while they were at Disneyland (seems a little unfair, but the revenge of the cats for a week without their minions will be punishment enough)
  • Picked up a 'sand turtle' for Lady K as a belated birthday present (and a return of warmer weather)
  • Trip to Great Falls to get the rest of my yarn for my Knit and Swirl sweater and managed to have 2 of the 40-something 'welts' knitted
  • Massive amount of yard work on Saturday
    • shelving off the porch
    • set up a 4 shelf 'greenhouse' on the porch for seedlings
    • set up and filled a 4 X 8 raised bed
    • planted 4 rose bushes
    • planted the raised bed with snow peas, radishes, carrots, broccoli, kale, onions, garlic and lettuce
  • Finished 5 books
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • 92% of my step goal reached - 64,429 steps or 29.7 miles
  • Some nice breakfasts made over the week
  • Basement semi-cleaned and organized.  One big corner still left to hit.
The coming week - 
  • Grid out my garden plot at the community garden
  • Catch up on things at my desk
  • Finish up book for book group
  • Lead a book discussion at the Historical Society
  • Write!
  • Update calendar and figure out my next few months with my planner

I have discovered a source of my 'discontent' over the past few weeks.  I haven't been using my planner and lists like I normally do.  Being sick myself, and Lady K under the weather also, I just haven't used it like I should.  And I can tell, both mentally and physically.  But it's back to the book, so to speak.  April ends the months I have in my current planner/journal combo and I need to decide if I am going to keep one combined book or separate it into two separate items.

But off to fix breakfast and try and figure out how to clean up my disaster of a kitchen before I head to work today (paybacks are hell!)

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