Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week In Review - April 3 - 9

Lots of bits and pieces going on this week, but really feeling like nothing getting accomplished. 

On the plant front, will have to replant my dwarf tomatoes as I very successfully (in my zeal) managed to kill them off, except for a couple.  However, my lemon tree is putting on new growth and some of the lemons are growing right along.

I was warned some of the lemons already on there might fall off due to the shock of transporting, etc. And a few did, but the majority are still on there.  

I also have several bunches of blooms.  I just wish I wasn't so congested due to allergies so I could smell them better.  George, the banana, is going along well, but I need to move him into a bit bigger container.  Hopefully, next week.

My knitting bag overflows.  I have my sari yarn scarf almost finished.  And the bit of purple in the upper left side is my Honeycomb cowl I am repurposing yarn for.  The middle is the start of my Knit and Swirl Coat of Many Colors sweater.

Right now it looks like a twisted mess.  But it's actually all nice and straight and perfectly aligned.  There is only about 600 stitches on the needle and I'm knitting in the round.  This is about three 'welts' and I only have about 14 to do before I start getting 'creative' with the knitting.  So far it's not a real mind boggler, but it takes about 30 minutes or so to do a complete round.  And five rounds to a welt.  You do the math!  It's a good TV marathon watching project so far.

And if that wasn't enough knitting, Texter gifted me with this nice little bundle of yarn.  It's enough for a hat and I have a fairly simple pattern picked out already to use the three colors on.  But need to knock out one of the other projects before starting this one.

While picking up backing for the mini-quilt I am making (which I just need the binding on), I also picked up this panel.  Very colorful and will go well on our walls.

We, as in Lady K, is now the proud owner of a 'sand turtle'.  And boy, does she love it.  Even when Aunt Savvy joins in the fun.  It's right outside my desk window, so we can run in and still keep and eye on her.  There will be a lot of outdoor time this summer with a little wading pool, the sand turtle and a bit of a yard.  Luckily, our wi-fi extends outside, so Texter can sit and keep an eye on her and still do her 'computer stuff'.

Otherwise, this week I managed to:
  • Lead a book discussion group in conjunction with the Montana Historical Society
  • Finish 10 books 
  • Write 2 posts
  • Submitted my first chapter of Seedcrone to Miscon for the Writer's Workshop consideration
  • And even with my fitbit off for a little over 24 hours, I still managed to walk 54,956 steps or 79% of goal
  • Gifted a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts by a friend who was coming back home from Missoula, the home of the closet Krispy Kreme
  • Finished piecing and quilted the mini-quilt for the Big Stitch Swap 2

Today it's clean up the desk day (hopefully) and also need to do the following this week:
  • Binding and sleeve for hanging the mini-quilt on and in the mail
  • Piece my mini-quilt 
  • Stretch two fabric panels and hang
  • Create my block for the Bee Hive Swap (and I have NO yellow in my stash!)
  • Do my RSC16 blocks (9) in orange and brown along with two color wedges in brown and orange
  • Sew on Harley Quinn costume
  • Try and get and few more welts knitted on K&S
  • Grid out my community garden plot
  • Attend an art opening on Friday
  • More writing, much more writing hopefully
  • Work with planner more and set better weekly goals to get back into the flow

So off for another cup of coffee and to peruse a couple of seed catalogs...

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