Wednesday, May 18, 2016

31 Isn't Too Many!

North Carolina might have it's pine pollen.  That time of the year when everything turns yellow.  But Montana has 'fluff'.  Cottonwood, I am thinking.  But lots and lots of fluff.

Yesterday, after the monthly staff meeting, I came home and 'played' in the yard.  Which delighted Lady K as she could also play in the yard and 'help'.  But I had some serious goals in mind for the yard as I will be out of pocket Memorial Day weekend and need to get things to the point I can turn watering over to Savvy.

My big project for the day was this...

I refer to this as my 'round' bed.  This is where the weeping birch was standing which we had removed before we bought the house.  Actually, the soil is pretty good here.  I already have some pumpkins set out in it and needed to get it cleaned out and other 'stuff' planted there.

Pole beans were planted along the fence.  The bird box is from the Migratory Bird Day and Lady K built it.  Hopefully, not too late for someone to take up residence.  Onions transplanted on the far left. More pumpkins and squash on the far side with some cilantro and dill transplanted.  And then 19 of the dwarf tomatoes.  

So between this bed and the community garden spot, I currently have 31 tomato plants set out.  And I have a few more left to transplant into pots.

I redid the 'fencing' around the upper bed and this one in the corner.  Hopefully the dogs will stay out.  I have a sinking feeling some chicken wire is in my future.  But I planted cucumber seeds along the back fence here.

If you look at the upper right, you can see one of my potato pots is to the top now.  If I can find a bale of straw somewhere, I might pile straw on top.  But potatoes are coming along.  A few peas did finally come up here and some of my radishes are close to being able to pull.  Kale is to where I can clip a leaf or two.  The onions and garlic I planted are popping up.  Don't know if the strawberry transplants are going to make it or not.  

In the spaces in the peas, I dropped in some cucumber seeds.  By the time they are up and going the peas should be over with.

Lettuce thinning is in order!  Quickly!

Radishes are almost ready to pull and the carrots have poked their little heads up.  So the radishes will go and the carrots can then grow to their little hearts content. Broccoli is looking good, as is the zucchini and peas.  We have a few days of warmer, rainy weather coming, so things should really take off.

After I finished in the yard (there was lunch and nap time in there too!), I stopped by the community garden spot to check on it.

This is the middle bed with the peppers and tomatoes, a few squash, swiss chard, and brussel sprouts. As you can see, weeding will be a constant chore in this plot, which is one of the reasons I'm not having to pay for it this year.  There are a few peppers and sungold tomatoes which didn't really fare well with the recent cold snap.  But the Roma tomatoes held up like champs.

This is bed #1 in the plot.  I need straw!  But there are potatoes, leeks, squash, peas and corn in this bed.  I would be much happier if I could find a bale of straw (which goes for $10 a bale!).

Hopefully, this coming Tuesday I can hit the third bed in the community garden and put in some beans and some of the tomatoes and peppers I still have to plant.

This doesn't cover the 'flower' beds in front of the porch which are a combination of flowers, rose bushes, hollyhocks, strawberries and cilantro and dill.  And I have several small pots of flowers I grew out from seeds I need to find pots or spots for.

I still need to get some more potting soil so I can fill buckets for tomatoes, peppers and flowers.  And get more buckets.  And even more soil.  But that will have to wait until the 1st of June and Texter, Lady K and I are back from Missoula and Miscon 30.

Grow little plants, grow!

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