Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week In Review - May 15 - 21

After a week of gray, rainy days and another week forecast for the same, my neighbor's poppies are exceptionally lovely.  They are right out my window by my desk.  Unfortunately, the flowers are so big and with the rain, they are a bit droopy right now.  But still, you can't help but love the bright orange...even through the fence.

The past week had a few odds and ends being done...
  • Chopped up bell peppers and put in the freezer for future cooking use
  • Go through old magazines and pull images and then trash/recycle
  • Downloaded 2 huge books on tape and loaded onto phone for my walking listening pleasure
  • Culled books from book shelf and took them into Hastings for trade for 2 books I really wanted/needed for the coming weekend to be signed by authors
  • Received my 'official' Bullet Journal notebook
  • Cut out and sewed up part of my Bee Hive Swap blocks for May
  • Knitted on my Swirl sweater
  • Finished 6 books
  • Walked 51,509 steps or 74% of my goal
  • Wrote 6 posts

The coming week will be a bit hectic getting ready for Miscon.  Luckily, this year a friend has offered the use of his hotel room for us to crash in, so I won't have to drive back and forth.

  • Finish up Bee Hive blocks and get into the mail
  • Clean out the car (it's a rolling pig sty right now)
  • Get snacks/food for weekend and pack car
  • Read chapters from the other 3 people in my Miscon Writing group
  • Clean house in preparation for leaving for a long weekend

There would be some gardening, however, we are forecast for another week of rain.  My lettuce is loving this cool, rainy weather.  At least I can pick it and my radishes.

While I could probably post from Miscon next Sunday and Monday, it's not going to happen.  I'll be back to do a May wrap-up, a Miscon post and a June goals when we get back into town.

Off for more coffee!

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