Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week In Review - May 8 -14

This bunch, which lasted about a week, were replaced yesterday by a large display of dark purple lilacs, courtesy of CS's yard.  Nothing like going over to a friends house and pillaging plants!  I also have a peony outside I need to get into the ground today.  But I know the spot, so it won't take long.

But this past week was a little strange.  Never could get into the 'groove', so to speak.  But I did get a bunch accomplished.
  • Steps - 44,115 or 63% (well, maybe not in this area)
  • Books - 5
  • Posts - 9 written (mainly book reviews)
  • Worked in community garden plot.  I need a bale of straw!
  • Texter's birthday!
  • Spring Art Walk on Friday
  • Found 'missing' book
  • Shot in my trigger finger to hopefully keep it from locking up
  • Signed up for the Home Swap with Chaotic Goddess
  • Two displays at the library (thanks CS for the help)
  • Batch of Strawberry/Basil jam (small batch processing - love it)
  • Trying out the new Inkjoy gel pens and loving them
  • Cleaned out fish tank (twice) from where Lady K fed the fish...the whole, new jar of fish food
  • Assisted in buying the new additional to the family - Rex the Dwarf Chinese Hamster
For the coming week...
  • Sew up my Bee Hive Swap block
  • Sew up my RSC16 Sampler blocks and my green scrap wedge
  • Clean out and update my files using the Get Things Done (GTD) method
  • Read some for Miscon writing workshop prep
  • Work in yard at home and put in a couple of items, like cucumbers 
  • Transplant seedlings to larger cups
  • Knit
In the meantime, I will work at my desk and smell the lilacs!

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