Friday, May 19, 2017

And Another Fun Thing...

It's bad enough I have fallen off the wagon and decided to drag out the sewing machine. And we WILL NOT discuss the fact that somewhere in one of several bins of 'stuff' is a rotary cutter, scissors, etc. which I purchased after the fire and stored safely away. So safe I can't find it. 

Which means, between now and June 6, when the quilting starts, I have to go through each and every bin, bag and basket to locate items. Well, I figure it will give me a chance to catalog my outstanding projects (which I had done and then lost the list!).

Anyway, in between all the fiber and fabric fun, I have a huge stack of index cards on my desk I have been using for grocery lists. So why not actually break out the art supplies (which I know where those are!) and be creative!

Daisy Yellow is a fun website to follow and I think I will really enjoy a little mixed media art in my life over the summer. If you want to join in too, here is some information on the Daisy Yellow site

If nothing else, I can tape them to the blank wall over the computer and add some color!

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