Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week In Review - May 7 - 13

Boy, am I glad I'm not working a 'real' job anymore. Because while this has been my first week of retirement, I have been hopping everywhere!

One of the things I/we did was a trip to Great Falls to hunt for yarn. While there are tons of opportunities to buy great yarns online, there is something about being able to squish it before you buy it. And my LYS is currently closed (and super tiny to boot). Lady K wanted a 'trip' too.

I needed five colors for a mystery wrap being offered via Ravelry. The first clue was released Friday and after a day of winding 5 skeins on my new ball winder (manual and my shoulder is killing me), I started and have this much done on one of the two 'triangles'.

Looking at the colors in this wrap I realized...

in North Carolina, in a storage unit, in a box is a sleeveless sweater I knitted back in the mid-80's when I first learned to knit. There are about 15 or so different yarns in the sweater...

All in these colors!

And based on the scarves and wraps I have started, I really need to rethink a couple of color choices.

I also picked up two skeins of black yarn and have to frog about 3 inches of Texter's D&D scarf and start over. The gray wasn't enough contrast to the red she had. But that's next week.

Yep, I seem to have a 'theme' going.

Another project in the works is Alex the Mouse. I have his nose and the start of his head going. Only problem is I know I'll have to knit a cat once the mouse is done. Or a fox.

It wasn't all about the fibers this past week either. I received some happy mail (and yes, those are knitting needles I received).

And our LulaRoe 'pusher' (because we are addicted) gave Texter a discount code to try Hello Fresh
for free. Can't pass up an opportunity to get 3 meals for 2 people for nothing!

This was our first meal out of the box of goodies - the Lean Green Steak Machine

Let me preface this by saying when I told Lady K "mommy is cooking dinner", her response was wide eyes and "Mommy can cook?" 

Texter has been known not to eat if she had to fix it herself, so having her enthusiastic about cooking a meal herself would be worth the cost of the box of food.

But zucchini? We don't eat zucchini! We ATE zucchini!

It was really good. And actually, we got three meals out of it instead of just 2 (which made Savvy very happy when she got home after a 12 hour day).

So two more meals to go. I think we are going to give it a try and actually buy a couple of boxes and see how it goes. Besides, if nothing else, we get some awesome ice packs.


  • Finished off 7 books
  • Several trips to the gym and yoga studio (but not nearly enough - been a slacker at the end of the week)
  • School is over for the year for Lady K and Texter - summer vacation starts!
  • Landlord complete repainting the outside of the house

This coming week
  • Getting plants into real containers or the ground
  • More knitting and Netflix bingeing 
  • Lots of gym workouts and yoga studio visits
  • Last day of soccer for Lady K for the season - next comes swim lessons and then T-ball
  • Helena Quilt show next weekend
  • Kids Yoga at the library on Friday
  • Bitters making class on Saturday at Gulch Distillery

Actually, my BIG goal is to try and get into a flow with chores and things I want to do - trips, knitting, etc. But we will see.

Now for more coffee.

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