Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Does My Garden Grow? Or In A Garden Funk?

I'm just not feeling the 'love' this year.

I think it's because I know this house isn't permanent and we will be moving this time next year, but I'm not feeling the 'garden love' this year.

Of course, I am feeling a bit of garden envy for a couple of friends who have done wonderful, massive things in their gardens this spring (envy for the garden, not the work they've put in!).

But I/we have done a bit.

My 'tomato' bed. Along the side of the house.  Hopefully, it will actually get enough sun for them to do something. At the very back are three Roma tomatoes I'm hoping to get some fruit off of for sauce. The rest are seedlings I started, Lady K rearranged and I have no idea what they are now. I may have a dozen or so cherry tomato plants!

This is the hanging basket I received as a going-away present from the library. My plan is to overwinter it if I can and take it with me. I love the smell of geraniums.

My bucket of hollyhocks from Tizer Gardens. I dug these up from the Temple of Fire and hopefully they will be coming with me to NC too.

Along with these...

Peony plant from my friend Christine. I had pulled them up from the Temple of Fire and was afraid I had been too rough on them, but they are coming along. So I will nurse them along and hopefully they will make it back to NC.  

There are a couple of deep window wells on this house, so this winter I will set them in the well and they will be protected from the worse of the winter.

This is Lady K's 'fairy garden' tub of petunias mainly. And a dill because Texter is hoping it will attract caterpillars and we can watch them turn into butterflies. I've harvested some of it to add to a potato salad for Savvy. But all the flowers Lady K selected herself. Hopefully, it will soon be overflowing and look really nice.

By the front steps are four cucumbers which I am hoping I can train up twine to the railing...if they decide to do more than just sit there.  Also, in the corner of the front bed are two zucchini and a tomato plant.

The above is the rest of my veggie garden. A couple of pumpkin plants (which are looking a bit yellow). A planter with a couple of different basils, spearmint and oregano. This planter is coming back with us.

Some Serrano peppers and cilantro.

My Cherokee Purple tomato with a huge, double blossomed fruit on it. Can't wait to see if I can have it ripen.

A couple of tomatoes and a couple of basils (Thai and lime) and more cilantro

Another herb planter with a flower thrown in. Rosemary and chives. I pulled off the chive blossoms and threw them in a bit of white vinegar to infuse. Another planter which will hopefully be traveling with us.

Brandwine, Sungold and Chadwick cherry tomatoes with strawberries in front. Strawberry planter will also be coming with us.

So far everything seems to be toddling along, especially now that the days are warming up a bit. The tomatoes on the side of the house need watering every day and I didn't amend the soil in that bed at all. I'm practicing "Darwinism"...survival of the fittest!

But it's enough to give me a feeling of 'hands in the soil' and to water every day (dry here in Montana!) Lady K and I do walk arounds to check on the plants and she helps me water. Hopefully, I will get a couple of tomatoes out of these. And maybe some cucumbers and zucchini and please.....just one big pumpkin!

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