Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Have No Willpower!

Actually, I am equating my willpower to that of a starving mosquito on a nude beach. Catch my drift?

I had thought I would abstain from quilting since I am down to the plain Singer (which I hate the bobbin case on) and really have a terrible set-up for sewing. I would have to set-up and take down every time I sewed.


Yep! I am falling off the band wagon of no-sewing.

I am blaming my local quilt store, The Sewing Palace, who is doing this block-of-the-month during the summer. I have fallen for more than one reason...

  • The most important is I love the American Beauty style quilts. They remind me of compasses and kaleidoscopes, all the things I love.
  • There are deadlines. I have to finish blocks and pick up the next set of blocks in a timely manner. And with being retired, that should work, shouldn't it?
  • And....if I finish my blocks by the end of August I get the border free!
  • A friend is going to do it also. This friend also has a quilting machine. Do you think I might be able to whimper and beg to get it quilted once finished? A great to-do after everyone is back in school at the end of August.

Not only did I fall off the wagon, I am seriously dragging it along now.

Isn't this little bird cute!

The Sewing Palace is offering a one day class on making these little scrappy fellows.  I have some scraps. I can bring a potluck dish. The date is on my calendar now!

And finally, if all the the above is not enough, I have my eye on this class, also at the Sewing Palace.

Handwork! I love trees and this is so much like a crewel work design I did when I was about...9 maybe. Back when you could only get black and white! (Family joke)


As I sit here, surrounded by yarn, my heart is going to fabric. I think I will be giving in shortly and taking a dive back into fabric for the summer!

(All pictures I 'borrowed' from The Sewing Palace and hopefully they won't mind.)

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