Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Happy Mail!

Yesterday, the real first day of my new 'retired' life, was also a great mail day!

No junk. No bills. Just 'good stuff'!

First was a little pocket Rhodia grid notebook I won from a drawing at Rhodia Drive.  I haven't used a tiny notebook from them, but I LOVE the larger Rhodia notebooks. This little gem fits right into my case I just got to carry my phone and a couple of items when I work out. (Now where did I put my ear phones?)

Then there were two postcards from Postcrossing.  One from Germany and one from Brazil. I haven't received many cards from Central or South America, so delighted with the Brazil one, especially with the dragon on it.

And last was a set of double pointed knitting needles. I needed some to work on a project and decided to buy a set of them. One thing I love about knitting (and crochet to a lesser extent) are there are actually two different size 1 and size 2 needles. And yes, that .25mm difference can make a BIG difference in the long run. I just have to remember which one I normally use for what project. I love the fact there is a little case for them as my DPN normally wind up scattered to the wind in the bottom of whatever box I am trying to corral my needles in.

So now, I have a notebook for little notes on the go, I need to do my postcrossing for the month and I need to cast on my mouse project.

Happy mail leads to happy to-do's!

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