Bookish Thursday - Time to Write by Emily Winslow

So time for another book review for WOW-Women on Writing!

But first, as usual, the 'business' of the review...

About the Book

Have you always wanted to write a novel?

Emily Winslow will help you develop the mindset and skills to get you started, keep you going, and see
you through. Time to Write is a creative writing guide aimed at anyone who wants to write a novel and
could use some support.

It contains 49 lessons, each easy to read and packed with insights based on experience. Emily has taken
her own work to high levels with major publishers, and has learned from teaching at Cambridge
University what makes students light up and what makes their work drastically, excitingly improve.
This book is full of encouragement, recognizing and affirming different work styles. 

It's a total handbook, teaching a broad range of specific writing skills with insight and clarity as well as covering topics around writing in-depth, such as how to give and take critique and how to evaluate publishers and agents.

It's time to write the stories inside you!

Print length: 275 pages

Purchase a copy of Time to Write by visiting Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo or Apple Books. Make
sure you also add Time to Write to your Goodreads reading list.

About the Author, Emily Winslow

Emily Winslow is the author of a series of crime novels and a memoir. Her books have been published by Random House, HarperCollins, Allison and Busby, and Shanghai Translation Publishing House.

Her novels (The Whole World, The Start of Everything, The Red House, and Look For Her) have been
called “brilliant” (The Washington Post), “vivid” (Parade magazine) and “dazzling” (Shelf Awareness).
Her memoir, Jane Doe January, is “meticulously constructed and ultimately terrifying” (The New York
Times), “potent” (Kirkus), and “compelling” (Bustle).

She grew up in the U.S. and now lives in Cambridge, England teaching for the University of Cambridge
and for Cambridge Creative Writing Company.

Find Emily online:
Instagram: emilycwinslow 

Now for my opinion...

When I first received an invitation to review the book, I thought the 'time' was about time management. Instead, the book is about FINALLY getting up off your butt and putting words to paper. 

What I really enjoyed was while the topics were 'short and sweet', there were several areas where the light bulb finally clicked on for me. Things like 'showing vs. telling' made sense to me with her examples. Point of view was engaging with several illustrations. 

Covering everything from getting started, technical and storytelling skills, down to publishing and getting your book and yourself out there are included in the book. 

It is a concise reference book and will be beside my desk while writing and referenced time and again. 

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