Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday and Organizing (But not at the same time)

Easter 1961 

Remember those days, when Easter Sunday meant you had a new “Easter dress” and “Easter hat”?  Of course, those where the days when you had “church clothes”, “school clothes” and “play clothes”.  You would never wear school clothes to play in (or you would die when mom caught you) or church clothes to school (unless it was picture day).  And if there was a function, like a potluck, at night or regular church service, you wore your school clothes, not play clothes.

Today it’s much simpler and relaxed, encouraging church attendance.  (For me, the issue was never the clothes, but the church itself.)  But kids these days just don’t get the whole clothes thing, about different clothes for different functions.  Of course, I really can’t text either.

The worse part the whole “church clothes” thing was the socks.  Yep, the socks.  Those thin, cottony/nylon, lace trimmed things.  The ones you only wore to Sunday school and church.  The things you would put on and 2 steps later were down inside your shoe.  I hated them.  I learned early on if you took a rubber band you could hold them up (kiddy garters?) and fold the sock down to hide the rubber band.  By the time church was over you would have rings around your legs and no feeling in your feet because of lack of blood circulation.)

We won’t go into the whole fishnet hose thing today.  I don’t want to scare the Easter Bunny too much!


On a brighter note, figuratively and literally, I saw in the May issue of O magazine an ad for a filing system set up by Peter Walsh.  Now I have a crush on the man, he doesn’t know it however.  I watch the show CLEAN SWEEP and want the man in my house.  So I went to the OfficeMax site which is where you are suppose to be able to buy the “stuff” to check it out.  They have a main page up advertising it’s coming, but that’s it.

So I googled it.  Sure enough, I came across several sites, but selected this site by “another mother” called Reviewsings.  Jo-Lynne does an excellent job of showing each product, what it was for and how she put it to use.  Needless to say, the site is now bookmarked.  Now if OfficeMax would get up to date on their site!


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