Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mystery of Life No. 513

(from Saturday, March 28, 2009)

Why 513?  It’s her birth date.  But can someone explain this to me?

Why is it the person who normally only graces me with grunts, nods, eye rolls, decides, once I get my room in a state of complete and total chaos, to do a complete hair makeover?  One in which I am required to be more involved in than just handing over money.

I had even announced to her “Run hide.  I’m cleaning my room.  I’m going to pretend you don’t exist.”  I have talked to her more in 3 hours than I have all week long.  And I still have “bonding time” left.

The hairstyle she decided on requires a 2 tone dye job.  On the brighter side, she did clean up the kitchen sink and the bathroom so we could do her hair.  And she now has “Twilight” to watch (sigh and drool over more likely).

Oh, sweet mysteries of life! And of a 15 year old girl!



  1. I hope that we will be able to view the final, beautiful, result!

  2. I liked the Twilight books and DVD, but don't tell the teens or tweens!


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