Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The other 1001 things


For those who are interested in the whole 101 things in 1001 days and my earlier “misunderstanding” about what it was about, here are some of my 1001 things I want to do in my lifetime.

- Take cooking lessons from the CIA or Cordon Bleu.  Or go to another country and take cooking lessons.

- Spend a weekend at a really great spa.  Cover me in mud and massage me down!

- Horseback ride through the Andalusia area of Spain.

- Walk the Inca Trail.

- Walk the Appalachian Trail.

- Visit Alaska.

- Spend time in another country, not just a visit, but stay there several months.

- Have a “year of solitude”.

- Sail around the world with someone special.

- Go on a date…this is the scary one!

- Learn classical guitar.

- Take ballroom dance lessons.

- Spend a day on a nude beach.

- Spend time in Maine on the coast.

- Do a Joan Anderson workshop (woman’s retreat)

- Visit a bazaar in Morocco.

- Do an internship at the John Campbell School of Art

- Be an artist/writer in residence.

- Buy a chaise lounge

- Learn to dance salsa

- Visit the South Pacific

- Ride horseback in the Snowy River area of Australia

- Walk the Mountain to Sea Walkway

- Go white water rafting

- Visit China

- Visit Japan

- Buy season tickets to the theater

- Ride in a century

- Be in France during the Tour de France

- Get a sleigh bed.

- Do a “ghost” tour of New Orleans or London

- Get a pen pal for snail mail

- Create an adventure itinerary and do it.

- Name and honor my creative muse

- Plan a Chinese New Year celebration with the girls

- Create my own green man

- Make a farm quilt for Mom and Dad.


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