Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soul Map to Write-onia

Kathryn, aka Collage Diva, has started a new site, True North Arts.  One of the first items up is making a map.  She has several prompts for several different types of maps and is encouraging others to create their own maps.

So, I sat and thunk about it for a few days and came up with my map to

 WRITE-ONIA.  This is my map to my land of getting to my finished novel(s). 

write map write 2

I had a lot of fun creating the map of my journey to getting my writing done.  And while mine is geared toward writing, I think it also applies to just about anything you want to create.  Right now, I think I am trying to make it past Distraction Depths.



  1. What a fun way to work through the various twists and turns on your writing project. I think I'll linger a bit at Lake Diversion. All the best on your novel.

  2. Oh, but I can SO relate to this particular journey....I am currently wallowing in Distraction Depths myself!!!

    LOVE the map!!


  3. I trust your map will lead you to Completion City!! Great names!

  4. O I understand the Distraction Depths! I have a new project waiting for Completion City myself!
    Do you go inner tubing in Lake Diversion by chance? If you do, that 'spasher' next to you is me..waving.
    Blessings on your journey!

  5. So true!!!

    And don't we all know the depths so well? :) Good luck with climbing back out!

    Thanks for stopping by my map!

    ~Halo xx

  6. so clever and fun! love it...and I guess more than a few of us are attracted to the diversions...! me too...


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