Sunday, July 17, 2011

101 Things Redux

In April of 2009, with the inspiration of a couple of top bloggers, I made my list of 101 things I would do in 1000 days.  My end date is December 31, 2011.  Oops….that’s just around the corner!

In an effort not to be too much of a wiener, I finally remembered the list and decided it was time to revisit it.  In the meantime, I have moved a copy of it onto OneNote so it will be on the top of my computer to check out.  And since December 31 is ssssoooooo close, I will probably give myself an extension on items.  Or formulate a new list, as many things have changed.

So here is an update of my list…..


101. Keep updating my 1001 things list. – don’t really have a list anymore, other than this one.  I need to pull it out of obscurity and reactivate.


100. Review my list every 3 months and report back on my progress. – well, we all know the status of this one!


99. Knit a lace shawl. – I have knit Charlotte’s Web, but I don’t really have that in mind as the lace shawl I want to knit.  In fact, I have all the materials to knit a lacy beaded shawl for a friend.  I can get to row 8 and then it all goes to hell in a hand basket.  I think it is going to be something I shut myself in a closet and concentrate on nothing else for about a month.  Frankly, it’s not happening anytime soon.


98. Learn Tai Chi. – I now have a DVD as I can’t ever schedule time and money for a local class.  Have I watched the DVD yet?  No, but I only got my DVD player hooked up correctly this week after being out of commission for several months.


97. Visit all the thrift stores in the area and make a list of the ones worth revisiting. – Another no.  However, Savvy is due home the first week in August and we have a play day, so it might be happening then.  But I need to get my sewing machine in for a tune up, as what I would like to do is some altered clothing.


96. Learn to sharpen my knives or have them professionally sharpened. Mine barely cut butter right now. – On my calendar is August 10 when a knife class is being given nearby.  Hopefully, I will be able to attend.


95. Put OD’s writing and Texter’s drawing into book form. – I have it all pulled together into folders, but haven’t done anything to make an official book out of it.


94. Visit the waterfalls in North Carolina. – Not scheduled anytime in the foreseeable future, but I would still like to do it.


93. Explore my spirituality more fully. – Not coming along as meaningful as I would like it to be.  But the goal is still there.  Looking more and more into Buddhism.


92. Put curtains on all the windows (tastefully).Yep, got curtains now.  Love it because the bedrooms are now nice and dark so went I have to be in bed at 8pm in the summer, the room is dark.


91. Join a garden co-op or community garden. – Didn’t join this year, but I have looked into different CSA’s in the area.  Still not out of the question for next year.


90. Plan my menus and shopping lists for better eating. – Doing better and better with this.  Not 100%, but I can definitely tell a difference with my grocery bill when I spend a few minutes planning.


89. Get a digital camera with interchangeable lens and learn to really use it. – This will probably happen with the remainder of my school money in the fall, especially since we killed Savvy’s camera with zombie blood making the movie.  I have been looking at some different options and will schedule a trip to a local camera shop to ask questions and do some looking in the near future.


88. Treat myself to new fountain pens. – No new fountain pens.  Sadly.  My desire is still there, but find my extra dollars going to other pens and inks for my artwork.  I am open to donations though!


87. Do some RAK to other artist’s with my unused art supplies. – Does giving a ton of my supplies to Savvy for her art classes count?  If not, then haven’t yet.


86. Go on a “picnic” at least once a month, inside or outside. – No.


85. Set up better study areas for all of us.Yep, in fact I have 2 study/art areas for myself and Texter has a desk in her room for her studies.


84. Wear earrings and lipstick every day for a month. – No.


83. Walk at least 10 different trails in North Carolina. – No.


82. Create a garden on the balcony for herbs. – Actually, since I am now in a trailer I have a garden in my front yard, complete with dill, several types of mints, 3 types of basil and thyme, sage and still adding to it.


81. Have a spa weekend at home. – No.


80. Take Noel to dog obedience class so I can take her with me more on walks. – No, but then I now have two dogs who could go and Noel will be moving to Arizona at Christmas.


79. Visit the art museum in Charlotte. – No.


78. Finish my doll, “Luna”. – Nothing I think I want to do to her feels ‘right’.  Maybe she is incomplete for a reason, just as I fell I’m not complete.


77. Carry a notebook and pen wherever I go.Yep, have writing stuff with me all the time.  In fact, in my work bag, I have my sketchbook challenge books and a couple of composition books.  I am really working on keeping a pad/pencil by the bed so I can jot down ideas as I go to bed.


76. Join a writing group. – Yes and no.  I joined a writing group.  But my work/school schedule didn’t allow me to participate.  Plus I didn’t get a really good ‘this is going to work’ vibe – probably all on my side.


75. Make a quilt for each of the girls. – No and it probably won’t happen.  However, Savvy did ask for a piece of my artwork for Christmas.


74. Do a craft table at work. – No and once again this will probably be removed from my next list of 101 things.  I just don’t have the time to make items for a table.


73. Lean a new technique for my journal every 2 months.I have been pretty good about this I must say.


72. Yoga more. Attend a yoga workshop. – I do have several DVD’s and have taken a couple of classes.  There are about three classes I will probably be attending before the end of the year.


71. Save my old photos. Save those worth saving and trash the rest. – Doing it as we speak.  I have gotten all the old negatives and slides I had onto my computer.  Now I am working on my old photo albums from the 70’s and 80’s I haven’t looked at in decades.  I will scan what I can and trash the rest.  And recycle all the old binders for art journals.


70. Take care of my nails for 30 days. – No.


69. Do a facial once a month, at home or at beauty school. – Well maybe not monthly, but have done more at the beauty school.  In fact, I have one scheduled for August when Savvy is home.


68. Visit all the botanical gardens in North Carolina and draw and/or take pictures there. – Not yet, but with my new camera……


67. Blog at least weekly. – Doing pretty good on this one.


66. Update my wardrobe to suit “me”. – Getting there, but still not as far along as I want to be.


65. Do at least 1 challenge a month on the different groups I belong to. – Due to my school schedule I have had to drop out of most of the groups I had joined.  I just didn’t have the time to commit to them.  Maybe after I am finished with school.


64. Get published somewhere, whether it be writing or art. – Not yet.


63. Reconnect with an old friend. – Maybe in January when I drive Savvy and Noel to Arizona I will stop by and see a couple of old friends on the way home.


62. Make a vision board. – Not yet.


61. Have nice bookshelves in my living room. – Not yet.


60. Send a card/postcard or surprise to a friend every month. – Actually at one point had it up to once a week and that seems to be pretty consistent.


59. Get a henna tattoo on my hand. – Not yet.  What I really want is another tattoo on my left arm.  On the inside between the wrist and elbow – a hand holding a quill with the word ‘Create” under it.


58. Stick to my budget and record my expenses. Be sure updated every paycheck. – Not as formal as I want, but getting there.


57. Save $10,000 for emergency fund. – Everyday seems like an emergency, but still striving toward that goal.  Might need it when I retire and become a team member of the Team Radioshack cycling team.


56. Complete a Nanowrimo. – 10,152 words last year, hopefully, will do better this year.


55. Have fresh flowers or plant in the house once a month. – Often, but not good enough.


54. Make a will. – Sadly, no.


53. Decorate my home with art I know where it comes from. – Yes, all my art that is currently hanging (minus Savvy’s and Texter’s art they have up) either I made it or I got from an artist I know.


52. Wear biking shorts and not be embarrassed. – Still need to work on that a bit.


51. Do a gift advent calendar for the girls. – Not last year, but since Savvy is not at home, will do one this year.


50. Get new living room furniture (haven’t had any since 1984). – Also in the works.  Especially since Amani’s pastime seems to be eating my current couch.


49. Get a birding guide and start a list of birds I’ve seen. – No.


48. Have my makeup done by a professional and wear it to work every day for a month. – No.


47. Get fitted for a bra and have 2-3 good bras on hand. Get some sports bras. – Didn’t get them professionally fitted, but do have several now.


46. Take a watercolor class. – Hopefully this will happen in November.


45. Meditate more. Create a space to do it in. – Have the space now, just need to take the time.


44. Make a set of Soul Collage cards. – No.


43. Set up a more functional area for my art and sewing. – Carving it out now.  With my art classes for next semester, it is especially important now.


42. Set up an alter and have a candle on it every day to burn. Have a water feature. – I did have an altar set up and then had to dismantle it when I took over Savvy’s old room.  Need to set it up again.  And I want a water feature like I saw at Dancing Moon.


41. Pick a month and do a picture a day.I have actually done several months of this with the Sketchbook Challenge.


40. Do something active at least 30 minutes every day. This does not include the quickie “pee and pooh” trips with the dog. – Have my ups and downs with this.  Maybe if it wasn’t 100 degrees outside.


39. Offer a giveaway on my blog. – No yet.


38. Lean to make illuminated letters and do the complete alphabet. – No.


37. Have an art-journaling-to-go bag.It’s sad looking, but in my work bag are a couple of quart-size ziplock bags with pens, pencils, watercolors and glue stick.


36. Scrapbook my high school stuff. – Not yet.


35. Create a garden area at the new Renaissance Faire area.Unless something changes, the Ren Faire group we belonged to is split and there is not a permanent location.


34. Find my “scent”. Wear perfume every day for 30 days. – No.


33. Cook a new dish once a week. – Like keeping my menus, this is up and down.  Actually, Texter is very encouraging with this idea.


32. Finish my family cookbook. – Have it all together, the recipes that is.  I am reformatting the cookbook to be more of a memoire than a cookbook.


31. Canoe down the Eno River. – No


30. Go visit a new or long-lost friend in another state.- Didn’t realize this was basically a redo of Number 63.


29. Go to the theater in NYC. – No.


28. Buy a new towel every pay day. My current towels are spiritual, as in very holey. – Started, stopped, need to start up and continue.  Also need to add sheets to this.


27. Finish up on the family history. Visit and take pictures of some sites. – Better organized, but still in the very beginning stages.


26. Buy or make a white, gauzy dress. – Done.  In fact, I wore it so much I have to repair the straps.


25. Attend a goddess workshop/gathering. – Not yet.


24. Learn more about aromatherapy. – No.


23. Get Photoshop and learn more about digital photography. – This will happen this semester in school and I am ssooo looking forward to it.


22. Walk/run a half marathon. – HA HA HA


21. Get a good bike for myself. – Still planning and drooling, especially since it’s TDF time.


20. Learn to spin wool. – Not yet, but I still want to learn.


19. Learn calligraphy. – Not yet.


18. Get my college degree in Creative Writing, English or History. – I will finish up my Associates in Arts in 2012 and then transfer onto another school for my BA.  I could finish up this semester, but I am adding Web and Graphic Art certification onto my schedule.


17. Work on botanical drawing certificate. – Postponed for a bit.


16. Visit another Ren Faire in another state. – Arizona actually looks doable since Savvy lives there and there is a big one in February each year.


15. Learn to read tarot better. – Not yet.


14. Go through and index my journals. – I know where they all are, but feel this is a project better suited to a later date.


13. Get another tattoo, possibly the one Texter drew for me. – My henna tattoo I want will probably turn into this.  Already have two designs I want to get done and Texter is really getting into tattoos.


12. Enter a writing contest. – Not yet.


11. Finish a pair of knitted socks. – Does one count?


10. Take a fiber arts class. – Not yet.


9. Have acupuncture done. – Not yet.


8. Write everyday. – Getting better and better at it, even if it is a blog posting only.


7. Go on a silent retreat. – Not yet.


6. Visit Biltmore Estate. – Maybe in December.  Some people from work want to go and I may join in.


5. Design my own Christmas cards. – This year might be a good year for it since I will have Photoshop experience and several good snow pictures from last year.


4. Write the first of my novels. – Working on it now.


3. Learn belly dancing. – Not yet, but have a Ballywood DVD.


2. Take some art journaling classes. – Plan on taking some art journaling classes in November.


1. Take a writing workshop. – Not yet.


So there is a recap of my 101 things and hopefully I will have a new list by December 31, 2011 to replace this one with.  I have realized what seemed important to me 2 years ago, is not that important anymore.  So standby for an updated goal list coming soon.  There is a plan there too!

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