Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Sketchbook Catch-up

Mar 1  I decided in March I would do the alphabet and add a little color to the tangles.  I particularly like the holes I left for the color to show through.

Mar 2  I also did not want them to just be centered in the middle of the page and static.  I wanted move of a feel of movement to them.

Mar 3 This is actually a ‘C’ although it looks more like a G.  I also like the perspective on the ends of the letter.  It does give it some depth. 

Mar 4Mar 5


Switched from capital letters to lower case letters.

Mar 6  This was just the letter and some flowers.  Between this circle flowers and my zinnias I have some florals going on in my pictures.


Mar 7  I have made it to ‘g’ so far.  I have to go back and do other letters and some numbers to fill out March.

One thing I have noticed with these sketches is that I am not finding the ‘bad’, but rather the ‘good’ in them.  I am looking at them and saying “I could have done that differently”, but my inner critic I am managing to keep quieter these days.  Maybe she’s on vacation!




  1. Nice post love the drawings .

  2. It's great when you can relax and the IC is away on vacation, love that! Love your cool patterns and the 3D effect of some of these letters!


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