Friday, July 29, 2011

Sharpies and Flairs–Back to School Delight

Texter and I went on a back-to-school shopping trip today.  I already have a stash of notebook paper and a ton of pencils, but always can use a binder and always, always NEED markers.  They are kind of a grown-ups version of crayons (although, I will love you forever for a 64 count box of crayons.)

So these were my ‘new products’ for back to school.  Ok, they are for my artwork, but that’s back to school too.



TwinTipMarker_LimeGreen Yep, we discovered the new Twin Tip Sharpies – thin and thick tip.  I have these three colors, 1 black and these two colors….


TwinTipMarker_Turquoise  Aren’t they great!  Can’t wait to try some of my tangles with with different colors.

But, my bit of nostalgia, and a place in my heart remains with my FLAIR pens.

papermate flair These were the colored pens of my youth and I still love my flairs.  These 16 colors came in their own carrying case.

So all my new pens are in a bigger pencil box with my Prismacolor pens (which also have thick/thin ends).  And I found some tracing paper on sale at Office Max which will be used on some art journaling pages I’m sure.  Love my new supplies.  I’m going to play now.


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  1. wow I really like those sharpies .


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