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I have a whole shelf on a bookcase crammed full of old – I mean 3-4 decades old – photo albums.  Those wonderful photo albums you stuck your pictures into – literally.  Since I haven’t touched them in all that time, other than to move them and after watching several episodes of “Hoarders” I decided to spend the day, scanning and/or saving what I felt was really important and trashing the whole lot of them.  My only regret – I can’t dispose of them in a green way.
So I am sharing some of those memories.
Misty and Tater  This is the colt I raised.  His name was Fool’s Tax as he was born on April’s Fool Day and I had used my tax refund for stud fees.  (By the way, the ONLY time I paid for sex!) I hated his mother.  I had bought her strictly to breed and she was an obnoxious mare.  But then I was never fond of mares anyway.  He was all white with navy blue eyes.  We sold her and keep him for a few years.  Later, sold him back to the people who owned his father, since I was then in North Carolina and at 17 hands plus (means really tall horse), he was more of a handful for my mom to handle.
Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s I had a couple of pen pals.  One, Julian Pickard, was a drummer with a rock band in the Soviet Union.  Go figure.  So I have several stamps and postcards from the Soviet Union.  I love the artwork style of this region.

russian postcards 1 

This was in the late 70’s remember, when Julian and I first started writing to each other.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the letters.  However, this was the picture he sent me.  It did appeal to the part of me which was into brooding Russians.

Julian P  Actually, I think the picture could have been taken in the 50’s based on the d├ęcor alone.  I am sure he was popular as he was a drummer in a rock band.  I remember I couldn’t send chewing gum, but I sent a pair of graphite drumsticks to him for his birthday one year.  He loved them.
Can we get more brooding Russian than this.  My twenty year old heart sighed.  julian p 2

I actually got to meet one of my pen pals.  Mike was a barrister in England.  He and his friend, Peter, came and stayed with my roommate, Leta, and I for a few days.

southfork No, Leta is not short, they are that tall.  Mike was 6’6”.  I loved his visit as this was one of the few times I could hang around guys taller than me!
Remember the TV show ‘Dallas’.  One of the stops we made was at Southfork (I lived in Dallas at the time).
peter at southfork Peter, Mike and one of our apartment neighbors, Jimmy out in front of Southfork.
One of my early crushes and why I still like Baskin-Robbins…..
fran  Jamocha Almond Fudge #1 choice and then Pecan Praline on a sugar cone.

Even back then I was interested in ‘art’ photography.  Of course, pre-digital cameras it was a little expensive to do.  I love digital cameras now and the ability to take literally 100’s of pictures somewhere and not worry about having to pay to get them developed.
rainbow flamingos  This was made at Disney World about 1986.  By some fluke, when developed, this ‘rainbow’ appeared.  I like to think this is how flamingoes really get their color.
seasheels  This is at one of North Carolina’s aquariums.  I loved the colors, shapes and textures of the seashells.
moon And this is actually a moon rise.  One of these days I will get some really great moon pictures.

Well, I am through the albums.  I have a stack of postcards I purchased at various locations over the years and will use them in art projects.  Some ephemera from trips to recycle.  There is a pile of Soviet stamps, postcards with the stamps, and small sheets of stamps.  Before I use them in artwork I am going to see if they are worth anything.  Some of them are from the 1980 Olympics the U.S. did not participate in.  So now it’s lunch time and nap time.  All this ‘work’ is tiring.

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  1. Wow what a wonderful trip down memory lane . I wish I had the energy to do that but really cant as it brings back really bad memories sometimes . Yep definately a great day to take a nap . take care and thanks for sharing part of your early life with your readers .


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