Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

I have been lucky in my life to not have someone I know directly involved in military actions around the world.  In my teens, my dad was too old for Vietnam.  He had been in the National Guard when I was little, and I remember him going off for training during the summer, but that was my involvement with actual one-on-one military duty.

However, thanks to Texter, I have been fortunate to entertain some of the young men in our military service.  One of them just returned from seven months in Afghanistan – safely, I might add.

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So this is for all those who have chosen to go into military service for our country – Thank you!

Without them over the years I would not be sitting on my butt this Fourth of July, in my air conditioning, watching a million channels on my television and sipping iced tea while writing this entry.

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  1. Yes Thank God for all our young men and women who serve our country . Thank You is all we can say . Happy 4th of July .


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