Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tai Chi or Tired Chi?

I purchased several yoga, walking, ballywood and tai chi dvd’s when Borders had their first round of closing their stores.  They have been sitting on my shelf because my DVD player was not hooked up correctly so I could play DVD’s on my TV.  Are you believing the excuse?  Worked for me for several months.

So Monday I decided to plug the Tai Chi DVD into my computer and work through program – give it a trial run so to speak.  Tuesday morning I woke up and my arms hurt!  No one told me you used your arms so much in Tai Chi.  My arm flab hasn’t swung in the breeze that much in years!

But I know who I can blame….

tai chi  Yep, I freely admit, I was too busy admiring Mr. Cole’s abs to really pay attention to how much I was going with my arms.  Tricky, tricky.  Put some nice chest on a beach and fool those old ladies into exercising!  This is as bad as watching Rodney Yee on the beach doing yoga.

yoga yee  HIs abs not as sculpted, but he has great hair.  Ok, so this dirty old woman likes to admire the scenery while exercising.

Anyway, those flowing, soft moves you see when people are doing Tai Chi….forget it.  Wild Geese Flying, Waves, Monkey Bear….well, let’s say today my wild geese crashed and burned.  But I can still admire Scott’s abs.

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