Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Instagram Challenge Day 1 - Silly Selfie

I follow Gala Darling's blog.  And yes, sometimes she is a bit out there, but I love it.  I love her ability to walk her own path and to be comfortable with it.  I love her ability to encourage others to accept themselves and to pick the path they want to follow and not be part of a crowd.

So when this Gala Darling posting came across a couple of days ago, I was really intrigued and inspired (which I haven't been in awhile.  I have Instagram installed on my phone.  I have an account.   But I rarely use it, mainly because I....just don't.  This month long challenge would give me (1) an opportunity to learn more about Instagram and hashtags, (2) give me something to write about for a month and most importantly, (3) learn to accept my physical self a bit more.

I hate taking pictures of myself.  I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Part of it is when I see pictures of myself I think 'who is that person?'.  What I see in the pictures or in the mirror is not how I imagine myself looking.  Actually, what I look like must be what I looked like in a past life, an alternate reality, or something along those lines.

Silly Selfie

For my first picture of this challenge, we have to do a silly selfie.  I haven't done a selfie before.  And the silliest thing I could think of (that I could take a picture of and post) was how I go outside first thing in the morning to let the dog pee and pooh.

I have 4-5 t-shirt dresses I bought last year on sale at Old Navy.  They are sleeveless and come to right about my knee, are loose and comfortable, and that's what I sleep in.  It is also what Lady K will wander around the house wearing over her head and around her shoulders.  I also have a pair of fleecy "Grinch" pants that Texter bought me for Christmas (goes with a t-shirt which Lady K loves).  But they are warm and are usually on the floor, by the bed, which I will pull on to take the dog out to pee and pooh.  It's not a lovely picture, with or without me in the clothes.  I expect Fashion Police sirens when I open the front door.  But considering this is an occurrence at 5:00-6:00 a.m., to hell with them.

My silly selfie is me, in my 'outfit', in all it's uncoordinated, clashing glory.  Actually, I should have been wearing the orange and white striped t-shirt dress to make it really glaring.  And my 'chins' are showing.  Usually I try and look up if my picture is being taken to minimize the 'chinnage'.   

There it is, my first 'selfie'.  Let's see how comfortable I get with Instagram by the end of the month.

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