Saturday, July 12, 2014

Instagram Challenge Day 12 - What In My Purse

Well, money definitely isn't!  However, there is a lot of other stuff in there. 

First, I love purses, but I am super picky about them.  So I don't own many.  They have to be large, because of all the stuff I carry.  No cute, little handbags for me.  The black wallet is a replacement for the card case I had all my cards in which I lost about a month ago.  What an ordeal replacing everything.  I do have to have something I can grab out of my purse and run into the store with.

The brown pouch has all kinds of 'stuff' in it.  I usually have cards I've picked up, spare change, lip balm, just an assortment of things.  I have plenty of pads and index cards to jot notes on, along with a ton of markers and pens and wash tape for journaling on the go.  A couple of packs of gum, some dried apple slices (to pretend I snack healthy) and my keys.

What is not shown is the large calendar I usually have in there, my phone, journal and a book and/or my iPad.  So you can see why I need a large purse.

Note:  Kitten not included!

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  1. But his baby sister lives in my library bag...


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