Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pictures of Big Sky Country Skies

One thing about the apartment and it facing west from my bedroom and balcony is that I tend to stop and pay more attention to what is going on in the sky more.  Facing west, with about a 180 degree view, we can really see the storms approaching over the mountains, which makes for some dramatic sights.

We had a few days of afternoon thunderstorms coming in.  I need to perfect my ability to take pictures of the lightning.  Here I only got a bit of the start of the strike.

On this particular day, the clouds were just 'boiling' and had a yellow cast to them.  From my days in the South, weird colors in the clouds like this wasn't a good thing.

It continually amazes me how you can have these massive cloud formations and then clear skies.

And an panoramic view of the sunset on this particular day.  The storm clouds really make for a dramatic view.

My taking pictures of the clouds has rubbed off on Texter.  While I was at work on day, she took pictures of a fire in the hills.  It really wasn't as close as it appears (which is a good thing).  She has friends on several of the emergency squads and had gotten a heads up on the fire and my balcony gave her a great vantage point.

They believe it was started by a lightning strike and went from about 3 acres to about 18 acres before they got it contained.  The middle picture is where they just dumped water from an airplane on it.  I really have to admire the firefighters who go in for these wildfires.  It's not like they can drive up to it and park on the street and fight it.  They are lucky if there is a road anywhere near it and then they have to hike to it, carrying their equipment.  My hat goes off to them.

So my balcony and view is a constant source of an ever changing source of amazement.  It makes me stop, slow down and see what is going on in my world.  And some of that is rubbing off on Texter.

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