Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Instagram Challenge Day 2 - My Idol

I could take the easy way out and copy a picture of John Wayne and post it.  I grew up watching John Wayne westerns and I wanted to take Maureen O'Hara's place as his leading lady.  Unfortunately, he died and therefore I gave up my acting career dreams.

I thought about actors, actresses, CEO's, people on the news and didn't really have anyone that I thought of as someone I really admired and 'idolized' - well, maybe Eddie Izzard...but that's a different fantasy altogether.

Then I realized I had two idols in my daughters.

Both of my daughters have survived to become beautiful women and I'm not talking just about physical looks.  They are smart and funny and resourceful.  I give them immense credit for being fairly sound in mind, despite having grown up with me as their mother.  They are their own women in their early twenties and hopefully, when they get to be my age, they will not go through all the doubts and searching I did.

So here's to my idols - Texter and Savvy!

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