Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Instagram Challenge Day 15 - My Happy Place

Now I realize there can be a couple of different connotations of 'happy place', but I will keep it clean this time around.

Have you ever gone somewhere and you got the feeling, even if it was the first time you were there, it was 'home'?  Or walked into a building and just knew where everything was and the people made you feel like family?  That's my 'happy place' - the Lewis and Clark Public Library.

This is my view from the circulation desk of the library.  Four days a week I come here and it's not a job, it's not work, they are paying me to play is how I look at it (with health insurance and retirement benefits!)

We had been in Montana only 4 months and were in getting our library cards and I saw the sign looking for part-time circulation assistance help.  I hemmed and hawed about putting in for it, figuring someone who was in the community already had a shoe-in for the job.  And I got an interview!

The interview was a panel interview and it was conducted by 4 of the nicest people I have ever met, all of whom I am fortunate to now work for.  From day one, I was welcomed with open arms and open hearts - no one is a stranger, everyone was immediately accepting of this "Southern gal" who had never experienced a Montana winter.

I now have a partner in my book addiction.  We have promised each other our support - in never quitting the habit.  I work with a couple of women who are a few years older than myself, who put me in the dust, energy-wise.  In fact, as we speak, one is at Glacier National Park in her little RV and has me down for snow shoeing this winter.  That's what I aspire to - don't stop till you drop.

So 'My Happy Place' is filled with co-workers who are really co-family, patrons I have come to know over the past year on sight and all of whom put up with my quirky sense of humor.  They have all embraced not only me, but Texter and Lady K and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Savvy to include her into my Montana family.  I can truly say that Montana is now "HOME".

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