Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Gardening on the Porch and the Full Moon

The Full Flower moon was beautiful Monday morning.  I had to take Savvy into work really early (Monday's are delivery day for her) and snapped the pictures on my way back home.  My dream of going back to bed for a bit was not echoed by Lady K, who decided it was time to get up at 6 a.m. too.

But a bit of our porch garden.

We have both flowers and veggies on the porch.  My lettuce (which I didn't start from seed) will be ready to start picking shortly.  Or rather, helping Lady K pick it.

This is the delphinium Texter picked out for Savvy.  It's actually much more blue than purple.  There are super dark purple pansies planted around it.  The colors and flower choice has meanings for Savvy.  

Tomatoes planted:

San Marzano
Yellow Cherry (Sun Sugar hybrid)
Black Cherry
Black Krim
Kellogg's Breakfast
Great Ivory
German Striped
Cherokee Purple
and one more which I forget and am too lazy to walk out and see what it is.  

And I realize I don't have a true red tomato in the group.  The San Marzano is red, but a paste type.

Also have the following herbs:

Apple Mint
Chocolate Mint
Lemon Balm

Broccoli, 3 types of lettuce and a mini-eggplant are also on the porch.  Soon there will be some watermelon radish and Little Finger carrots.  And 4 bell peppers-green, yellow, red and purple.

More pictures soon.

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