Monday, May 18, 2015

Mandala Monday

Not quite a mandala in the true sense, but close enough, especially early on a Monday morning.  This is the first center piece I am doing for the La Passacaglia quilt.  Hand piecing this quilt top is going to be interesting. (The pink background is my ironing board.)  The batik is hard to see in this light, but it carries the blues and pinks of the center section. 

I am not the best with color combinations and am enlisting Texter's help.  She has an eye for color, so this will be interesting.  She has already picked out the next fabric for the center with the raccoon in it.  Some of the centers she doesn't really care about, so I guess those will be up to me.

This week is going to be an interesting one.  MisCon 29 starts Friday and we will be loading up and driving back and forth to Missoula Friday-Sunday.  Between the dogs and the lack of convenient hotel rooms (and the lack of $$) we will be driving back and forth.  Texter has friends she is staying with, so I'm giving her a bit of a 'mommy-break' and keeping Lady K with me at night.  But some writing panels for me over those 4 days and a book signing with Terry Brooks.  Savvy is just looking forward to 4 days off work!

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