Saturday, May 09, 2015

Porch Gardening

While there are still a couple of things that need to be planted (like the watermelon radishes), my porch is full.  In fact, the dogs have to walk out single file now.

While I have (once again) planted more tomatoes than any reasonable person should (and who said I was reasonable?), we do have some other 'stuff' mixed in there.  Peppers, spinach, herbs, lettuce, mint (2 kinds), lemon balm, broccoli, and flowers.

This year I decided not to struggle carrying pitchers of water out to water the buckets, but invested in a water hose.  It's also used to fill the little pool we have for Lady K to splash in.  And while I am still a little early, according to some, for planting here in Montana, my Zone 7/8 mentality is telling me I am months behind on my garden.  So I am carefully watching everything.  While fruit won't set, the tomatoes can actually take temperatures into the 30's, as long as it doesn't freeze.  So I'm hoping, with the buckets able to be warmed during the day by the sun, I can ward off any fatalities.

The porch gets east and south sun during the day.  This is a picture about 6:15 in the morning and as the summer progresses and it starts getting light earlier, more sunlight.  Only problem is the tomatoes right in front of the door also get the wind from the south/west.  Hopefully, tying them to the railings will help as they get bigger.

So this is the current state of the Hudgins Farmstead.  More updates as the season progresses. 

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