Friday, May 29, 2015

The Sewing Machine Is Out of the Closet!

Yep, after a long year (plus a few months), the sewing machine made it out of the closet yesterday.  I had a couple of quick projects I wanted to do and to give my room a shakedown for sewing.  My sewing machine muscles needed some easy flexing.  It felt good.

The card table can fit in here.  But I need an extension cord for the sewing machine so I don't have to 'jump' the electrical cord every time I get up to press.  The bed makes a great 'table' for holding material and 'parts'.

The only real issue is 2 years old and finds all things pointy and sharp, enticing. Hopefully, now the machine is going to be coming out more and more, she will soon find it boring.  

Steampunk costumes are the reason it is out of the closet.  I have at least 3, if not more, costumes to make over the next year.  What is fun is I can work with some fun fabrics and designs.  My Joann's Fabric app will be getting a workout.  I collect the patterns every time they have their $1 or 5/$7 patterns sales.  And the 30-40% off coupons I keep an eye on too.  This way, a big chunk of dollars is saved and makes the costumes affordable.  Especially since I have a year to work on them.

Of course, a by-product of this is I will have scraps of satin, taffeta, brocade which I will be turning into a crazy quilt (hopefully).

Now to finish up the above project so I can put up the ironing board.

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