Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Texter is 22!

Everyone say "Happy Birthday" to Texter.  Today she turns 22.

Cherry picking in Virgina

Fishing with her father

Twenty two years ago I was arguing with the doctor about being in labor.  He was saying 'no, you are not dilated' and I was saying 'yes, she's coming'.  Not much has changed over the years.  Texter is still impatient at times and wants to operate on her own schedule.

But I am proud of her.  She is a mother herself now and is doing a great job at it.  In the fall, she will start college to get a nursing degree so she can take care of herself and Lady K all on her own, if need be.

Unfortunately, we have found out the love of crayons and paper and pens is genetic.  There are no markers safe from little, or large, hands.

Because of Texter we are now living in Montana and not regretting a moment of the move.  So here's to the next 22 years!

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