Sunday, January 01, 2017

Ending 2016 and Starting 2017

Can I say that 2016 went out with a ‘blaze of glory’? Or ‘Up in Flames’?

December 18, 2016 at about 11:30 p.m. I was awakened by CJ yelling ‘everyone out of the house!’

So there we stood, in our pajamas, as the house belched smoke and flames.

Not how I wanted to end the year. Not how I want anyone to end anything.

The community of Helena (and beyond) has been so, so, so supportive. Everything from a friends taking us in overnight and washing clothes for us to gift cards, donations of clothing and household items and cash. People who I thought of as friends, are actually family, caring beyond belief.

Unfortunately, two of the cats didn’t make it out and neither did the guinea pigs.  So there you have it.

Right now, and for the next couple of months, we are in a duplex courtesy of the Salvation Army. While it sounds bad, the duplex is actually nicer than an apartment we rented for $900 a month.  We have the place for about 4 months.

Hopefully, within that time period we find another place we can rent until the house is torn down and rebuilt. One which will let us keep the dogs with us.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a long, hard journey the next year or so, but we are all trying to be positive about it.

Lady K is in a day care where they are very much aware of the situation (and were a donation site) and she seems to be doing well.  We are trying to keep on a routine for her benefit if nothing else. And her Christmas will never be equaled again, thanks to all the loving support from Helena.

Texter called the college to talk to them about her classes this coming semester, of which all but one are online.  No internet where we are! And we can’t have it installed!  Upshot of the conversation – she now has a work-study job on campus which looks like it will continue into the coming semester since she has to be on campus all day anyway to use their internet. She has also been the ‘face of the family’ with all the donations and such.

Savvy is continuing to work full time at her job and I’m still at my part-time job at the library.  CJ is handling all the insurance ‘stuff’. We have had a pretty good delegation of duties.

So what does this mean for me for 2017?

This is me, looking dazed these days!

(Deep breath) Slowly relooking at my priorities and goals.  A big chunk of what I was planning on doing in 2017 is now ‘smoked’. The quilting and knitting are basically smoked and now frozen (and we won’t talk about the two fish tanks in the house).


Surrounded by family and friends, I am sure 2017 will be a good year. I am revisiting what is important and what isn’t. It’s amazing how something like this makes you rethink your life. 

Posts probably won’t be as often as in the past since we have to do ‘hot-spots’ for internet. (Actually, doing without internet has been a bit of a revelation.)

And it means more writing!

So stay tuned.


  1. So very sorry for this tragedy that ended your year. I have so much admiration for your positivity and bright outlook on things. What would we do without family, friends and community?

  2. Do you guys have cell phones that could serve as hot spots? I would pay for a couple of months of that if it would help. Not sure how much data you get, but I used my cell phone once when I lost internet service. I couldn't get much streaming, but I could check email and do some work. Can I help with that? I will check out if you let me know what if any cell phone service you have.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so very sorry to read about this. I am glad your community has stepped up to help and that you have a temporary place to live, You are all in my thoughts and prayers, stay safe, I am so glad you are okay,

  4. you need a machine? Yarn and needles? What can I do to help? Did you get a new Hobinachi? If not can I get on for you? I want to give you something to make you smile. I feel so wretches for you and can't think of anything much more frightening. I am phobic-scared of fires. This will all work out, but it does not make the pres t any easier.......prayers and light to you my friend

  5. Judy, you are amazing!!!! It's not a perfect solution, but can any of you use your phones as a hotspot? I might be able to provide a little bit of money to add that to your plan for a couple of months. Most hotspots have limited capacity, but I used mine when I lost internet access and was able to check email, do some work and take care of what needed to be done on days and at times I couldn't go to the library. A plan like that might see you through a crunch.

  6. Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry this happened. What a tragedy! Thank goodness the community has been supportive, and hopefully the insurance moves quickly on it. In the meantime...I really am in awe of your ability to post about it and retain a sense of humor. I am absolutely heartbroken for you. But relieved everyone made it out alive (sorry that not all the pets did, least the people did). Did they figure out what caused it? :(
    I hope 2017 does bring more beginnings and positivity. I suppose, as you said, this is a way to pare down life to the most important parts. Please let us know if we bloggers can do anything, send anything, or research anything for your family.

  7. Judy! So glad you're all okay! What a way to end the year. I can't even imagine what I'd do or where to begin with regrouping! Glad Helena has been so supportive and you have a strong family to help you get through!


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