Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week In Review - January 15 - 21

It's been an interesting week all the way around. And I am taking a bit of departure from my normal week-in-review format.

First, we have had some amazing sunrises this week as temperatures rose. Ok, maybe 20's isn't what a lot of people would call warm, but when you have been below zero, it's an improvement.

And with the warmer temperatures, came morning fog.

We pulled out Texter's Mac from the house and plugged it in. And it worked!

This is the 'cleaning' process, going from black to silver. We will be taking both Mac's into the Simply Mac in Missoula for a 'detox' on the inside as soon as we have a free day. But they are working just fine.

My 'new' Hobonichi arrived. I didn't get the yellow cover I had before, but went with "Cherry Cookie". Which is a bit funny, because I ordered this before I realized the coming year in the Chinese Astrology is 'my' year of the Rooster and I need to wear red for luck. (By the way, Texter is a Rooster too.)

But Cherry is filling up nicely. I am loving her.

And along with red, I am suppose to be wearing jade. I have a ring I am going to order in the next week or so from Savvy. And  "Jade", the car, is slowly getting all tuned up. Turns out she has a bit of a problem with going to 'hot' and back in a flash. Menopause car-wise. But we are getting it all ironed out and she really isn't overheating, but a sensor issue (we think).

But the BIG event was on Saturday -
The Women's March!

I went to walk for Savvy, who was working and would have loved to have been there. I walked for Texter, who was a home with an ailing Lady K. I walked for the women in the past and the women in the future. I walked to show elected officials to be very, very careful about the decisions they make in the coming years.

According to the news, there was about 10,000 marchers in Helena.

The energy of the event was so fantastic! 

I am filled with hope for the future now. Politicians had better take warning. They will not be getting away with much and will be held accountable for their actions. They may push items through (like cutting funding for programs like Planned Parenthood), but it will be remembered come the next election. I think the next four years will see a flood of letters and phone calls to elected officials, giving them our opinions of what they need to be doing and what they need to not do. Accountability will be a watchword and I feel some of the 'good old boys' are going to be in for a big shock the next few years.

Unfortunately, I found out just a week or so before the march about the 'Pussy Hat'. I knit a total of 5, selling 3 before the march.

The one on the left I wore to the March. The one of the right I need to sew up the side seams. I have a feeling Savvy will be claiming one of them. I plan on holding onto mine. 

One day, Lady K may be studying the March in history and I can pull it out and tell her I was there!

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