Friday, March 31, 2017

And Then There's 35...

or rather on 22 actual work days left for me at the library.

We had a meeting with the group which is coordinating treatment for Lady K's sensitivity issues. And in the course of the discussion, our weekly occupational therapist session now has a couple more therapist appointments in the course of a week/bi-weekly time frame.


Adding to that, Texter will have a really heavy load her final two semesters at school.

Therefore, I moved up my 'departure' from the library by...

About a year!

After talking to Savvy and Texter (who are behind it 200%), I felt like a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. I don't have to worry about juggling schedules between my work and Texter's school. If Lady K gets sick and can't go to daycare, I can watch her - no problem. Housework and meals can be organized and accomplished. We can explore Montana this summer before we leave next year.

I can have ME time!

And speaking of me time...

No, I haven't been reduced to being a bag lady. However, these are four of the many projects I have in the works. And it made me realize...

I need project bags! Nicely made ones! I have scraps! I need to make project bags!

And so another 'to-do' added to my growing list.

From left to right, Trout Creek Shawl (my all-Montana shawl), Vanilla Socks, 'To Eyre' Shawl (which was a monthly kit from and the Helix Stripe Handwarmers from A Year of Techniques on Mason-Dixon knitting.  This doesn't include the 1/2 finished sweater I set aside. Or the shawl (with beads) which starts a KAL tomorrow. Or the other dozen knitting projects I have in the closet.

Or sewing...

Most of my sewing/quilting made it out ok. I still can't locate the patterns I ordered from Australia, but will have to see if I can't locate them in my stuff one day.


The serger I was given, but don't really know how to operate. As it turns out, a friend KNOWS sergers! And so I will be getting serger tutorials from her this next year. 

And I have my basic Singer sewing machine which will do ok for most of what I want to do. It's fine except for the bobbin. You have to take the machine apart and stand on your head to change the bobbin and it's a 'beginner' machine. Go figure.

So the summer will be filled with swim lessons and exploring Montana. Picnics and strolls. Playing in the yard. Then in the fall I will have tons of time for not only keeping up on housework and meals, but time for me! The spring will be tying up loose ends, packing and preparing for the 2200 miles back to North Carolina and a new house.

Did I mention I needed project bags?


  1., relax and enjoy this time. You richly deserve it!

  2. What a journey you have been on and continue to be on. This is YOUR year! Enjoy it!


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