Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week In Review - March 5 - 11

  • Lularoe Pop-up Party with Alyssa Bones
  • Bought Savvy a FitBit so we can encourage each other to be more fit
  • Kimberly Wilson Virtual Retreat 
  • Savvy went to Chicago to see Hamilton with a friend
  • Prepping for Lady K's tonsil removal next week
  • Set up a project notebook since old one is a tad water soaked at this time
  • Was gifted the lovely orchid above
  • Attended the Wedding Stroll to pick up my Lularoe, bought more and won $75 in clothes (waiting for them to restock) and a Mystery Item to come

After stopping by and picking up our clothes, Texter and I treated Lady K to a carousel ride. She LOVES carousel rides.

Before our outing, I finished up the rice bags and ice pack covers. Texter has a bad cold/sinus infection and wanted packs to heat and put on her head and neck.

As I was filling the bags, the cat one was a little 'empty', so I added some flax seeds. I also added lavender to that one. Nothing better than snuggling with something warm and smelling of lavender. I have a feeling once Savvy returns from her weekend in Chicago, watching Hamilton and bar-hopping, she will need it.

This past week was also filled with arrivals!

And speaking of projects, last night I sat down with my yarn I have acquired and updated my projects in Ravelry to show what I had planned for the yarn. I have two skeins of yarn which were gifted that doesn't have a project planned for them, but didn't want to pass them on as I like the color. Lots of socks! Now I have to pull a couple of old projects from the closet and update them on Ravelry and determine exactly where I am in the process. 

Not only have I set up project lists in Ravelry, I also started a new project notebook to hold details and pieces of the yarns. Will include fabric projects also.

But the biggest box was from Write On Campaign for National Letter Writing Month in April.

A tote bag, gel pens and 10 little notebooks to record addresses and notes.

An advent calendar of sorts and packets with letter writing supplies.

Six note cards, some stickers and a sheet to record the 30 letters you send out in April.

And a little pouch with a great pin (already on my lanyard at work) filled with confetti. All of this will be going to the opening event a the library for our Letter Writing Kick-off. Well, maybe not all.

While my Virtual Retreat did not go well...too many interruptions...I have access to it at any time and will give it a try on one of my Tuesdays when I am home alone. 

And while it snowed, yet again, it is melting quite nicely. Maybe spring will come soon.

BUT...the coming week...


After today's Princess Tea (can't wait, lots of fun) we will be stocking popsicles for after-surgery consumption. Texter has notified her instructors and we have work covered too, so good to go for the two week recovery period. And at the end, Lady K's birthday and a weekend trip to Billings for a trip to the Montana zoo and a trip to the mall.

Otherwise, a bit of knitting and lot of reading (hopefully).

Now, to make sure all the clocks are on the correct time and get another cup of coffee.

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