Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm A Material Girl

There is a problem with having a wonderful quilt store without spitting distance from work. And since I usually take a walk during my break, it just seems natural to wander in. Of course, the yarn store (small that it is) is just a few doors down.

Recently I have given into temptation and brought some fabric home with me even though I hate the basic Singer machine I have (you have to dismantle the machine to put in the bobbin.) And I don't really have a sewing table, I have to share my desk with my computer, so it's nothing I can put up and leave up.

But I am making some rice bags and cold pack bags for Texter and Lady K (and me). I purchased this flannel at Joann Fabrics as covers for the bags.

The other fabrics I have purchased I really have no immediate plans for, but am restocking my stash.

This was a pack of fat quarters I originally purchased for the packs before I went with flannel. The white actually has a white-on-white design which is hard to see in the picture. Now they will become something else.

The next three pictures are one yard cuts I bought because I may not ever find them again! 

I bought the piece with the cats, not seeing the piece with the books and cats until the next day! How could I not pass it up. Part of me wants to go back and buy more yardage of the book piece. I can see it as the backing of a quilt.

And continuing the cat theme...

Texter is into foxes so I had to pick these up.

The fabric on the left is a Hoffman Digital Print. They also have a bear print. When you unfold the panel the fox is merged with a forest scene. I have the pack for make a lap quilt/wall hanging, but for now I think Texter just wants to hang the panel as a picture. So the batiks may be used for something else.

And crows!

Do you see an animal theme here?

And while I have cut out pieces for three rice bags and three cold packs, I have not been neglecting my knitting. I have one Hadley sleeve started and the color-work done on it. It will probably go to the hospital with me Tuesday for Lady K's tonsil removal since it is mindless knitting for about 12 more inches.

My Year of Techniques is finally coming along. For some reason, the small needle size is giving me fits, even though I have used that size before and have several projects planned for tiny needles! But I think I am in the groove with it now. And the Yarn Quest 2017 scarf based Dragons and Dungeons is still there, but I have to really concentrate on it.

The fabric, except for the flannel, is going into my stash box for now. 

And did I mention I have a HUGE stack of books I need to get through? And another coming today!

Where can I find more time?

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