Wednesday, March 01, 2017

March Goals

Goal setting and accomplishment has gone by the wayside the past couple of months. However, we are now settling into our new home and I feel things are getting back to 'normal'. Or as normal as we are capable of.

The rose Lady K gave me (courtesy of the daycare) on Valentine's Day is still going strong. Personally, I think it's hanging in there for Beauty and the Beast.

But today, I got up early (thank you Amani and Noel) and paid on bills. Then I ordered the following, which are my March (and April) goals:

  • Year of Techniques book and yarn for March  I love Mason-Dixon Knitting and have been wanting to give Zauberballs a try. So arm warmers are our first project to showcase helical stripes.
  • Dangling Conversation Shawl by Mindy Ross While I am not participating via this site, I am doing the one via Ravelry. But I ordered some Wolle Yarns Creation in Raspberry Medley for this shawl. Once I get the yarn, I'll go local and see about some beads for the edge.
  • I haven't forgotten my Hadley sweater. I didn't 'bang-it-out' in February, but I did finish up to the stopping point to start the sleeves by the end of the month. So March will be finishing up Hadley.
  • My Yarn Quest scarf for Texter and myself are on the 'mindful' knitting pile. In other words, I have to concentrate on the pattern, but hopefully will get hers done in March.
  • Flesh out and clean up my first chapter to submit to MisCon for critique by the end of the month.
  • Work up my Writer's Roundtable handouts for World Creation for April.

But the biggie for March - Lady K is having her tonsils removed!

Can I say I'm not looking forward to that?

But the doctors seem to feel this will 'cure' the fevers associated with her immune issue that cycles through every couple of months. Can I say I'm not looking forward to this?

So off to wake up Lady K and get her ready for 'school'. It's "Crazy Sock Day" and we need to get going.

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