Sunday, March 05, 2017

Week In Review - February 26 - March 4

From Crochet: Techniques and Projects to Build a Lifelong Passion for Beginners Up 
by Tracey Todhunter

Ok, so 5:00 a.m. is not the time to think about taking pictures for a post. Frankly, I am trying to be as quiet as possible to keep certain people in bed. So I am thinking of a 'round-up' post for later in the week as I have a lot of things I want to share.

That being said, knitting was done yesterday in between bouts of 'picking-up'. Picking up things like a new vacuum cleaner because the old one just went 'poop'.

And a couple of hours banging my head trying to figure out the pattern repeat on the first sleeve of my Hadley sweater only to 'see' the answer to my problem at the end. Sigh....must read instructions better!

But the big news this weeks was the results of an appointment between Lady K and the ENT doctor. Tonsil removal will be the 14th! This is suppose to stop her periodic 105 fevers which last a week. But two weeks out of daycare (don't want her running and jumping around for a bit), so Texter and I have our schedules all set so she can go to school and I can work while tending to Lady K.

Otherwise this week:

  • Walked 60% of my steps (shouldn't scooping poop count as double steps?)
  • Finished 3 books
  • Wrote 5 posts
  • Led Writer's Roundtable on Character Creation
  • Started preparing for National Letter Writing Month in April and a couple of library programs to go along with it
  • Won a slot in a Virtual Retreat hosted by Kimberly Wilson at Tranquility du Jour
  • Ordered yarn for a couple of projects
  • Bought yarn for 'Finnley Fox' pictured above for Texter
  • Started a couple of batches of sourdough starter to see which actually 'works'
  • Filed taxes
  • Helped Texter plan a birthday weekend getaway for Lady K to celebrate turning 4 and making it through having her tonsils out (actually think it's more for Texter to celebrate Spring Break!)

The coming week:

  • Get all the stuff needed for the Virtual Retreat (journaling, yoga, and mindfulness!)
  • Gather things to keep Lady K settled for after her surgery and to keep us sane for 2 weeks
  • Make up a project sheet for my knitting and crochet and sewing projects I have on hand
  • Start formulating handouts for National Letter Writing Month and my next Writer's Roundtable on World Creation
  • Knit! Crochet! Sew (rice bags - nothing terribly complicated)
  • Princess Tea Party coming up next Sunday afternoon
  • Savvy to Chicago for a long weekend of staying with a friend she hasn't seen in 4 years, seeing Hamilton-The Musical and a look of bar hopping in the Windy City
  • Maybe get a start on Finnley Fox, shown above, for Texter

So for now, drinking coffee and waiting for the sun to come up and what is suppose to be a rainy/snowy day. I have to venture out to get milk (I forgot yesterday) which I am not looking forward to. Who delivers milk on Sundays?

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