Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"almost tastes like fried chicken"

From a 15 year old this is pretty good praise. I made Swanson's Citrus Chicken and Rice I cut out of a magazine a while back. Part of my "new" cooking agenda. Simple, easy, quick and tasty. I will probably make this one again. I will cut down on the amount of onions it calls for. We are not really onion people. And let the rice cook just a little longer or in a smaller pan in order to be sure all the rice is completely cooked. (Just so you will know, the picture was made about 1/2 way through, so I didn't serve pink chicken.)

So out of 3 new dishes, 1 has made the cut. Plenty for dinner and plenty of leftovers for lunch for me to take to work. Healthy. Tastes good. Quick and easy.

My picture on the plate with the salad, all nicely presented? Got eaten I believe. I know I took the picture. In fact, I took 3 or 4. But they didn't make it. Kitchen gremlins! If they would only do the dishes. PS.....except for a measuring cup and knife, this is a one skillet dish to make. That and a salad and you're done.

OD did not try it. She "wasn't hungry". Once again, she is getting a dose of the real world. Seems she is suppose to be the mouthpiece of the "debate" they have to do in a class and the others are suppose to be doing the research. REAL LIFE!!!! hits and she is getting to do it all and she can (1) not do the research and bomb the debate or (2) do the research and the others get a good grade too. When they start getting hit in the face with life outside school it is so funny. All those things you could say about the "real world" gets handed to them on a platter. A few years from now she'll be facing the same situation with a co-worker and be thinking "this is just like high school!"

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  1. The chicken looks yummy!

    Sorry about your daughter's dose of real life, but it does happen to all of us sooner or later, doesn't it.



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