Friday, January 09, 2009


I like orchids. I had a couple that got zapped by the cold temps in my old house. So when I moved, the grocery store behind me had several in their floral area. After a few weeks, once they had bloomed and faded, the ones left were put on sale at about 75% off their original price. Putting it within my price range.
I figured it would take another year for it to bloom again. Orchids generally bloom only once a year. But I would be patient. So I set it in the east facing window and let it go.
Much to my surprise about 3 weeks ago it puts out a shoot and this is the results. I did not know what color the orchid was even going to be. I am very pleased with the colors and the fact it bloomed for me so quickly.
It looks so nice, sitting in my kitchen window, greeting me every time I walk into the room. I'm Blooming!

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  1. Just goes to show us patient...we will bloom!!


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